Windows 10 ISO Pro Direct One Click Download (32 & 64 Bit )

Download Windows 10 ISO For Free.Get Professional,Enterprise & Home version as well.You can free download its full bootable version 32 bit & 64 bit version.Image file and setup file is also given.

In the Microsoft operating systems, Windows 10 is the latest addition. Windows 10 has a lot of amazing features and enhancements which were missing in the previous version of Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. It seems like now the Microsoft is listening to what its customers want and trying to provide them the exact things.Get Other Windows Version From Windows ISO Hub

Professional ISO ( 64 Bit – x64 ) Professional ISO ( 32 Bit – x86 )

Windows 10 ISO

Microsoft is making changes in Windows 10 that customers did not like in windows 8. The great news for a lot of people is that if you have already purchased the previous versions of windows like Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, then you don’t have to pay anything to get the windows 10 upgrade. Now let’s talk about the features that are included in the windows 10 and then move towards the downloading of the file and upgrading process of the windows.Download Windows 7 ISO

New Features Of The Windows 10 :

Microsoft has introduced the following features in the windows 10. And we are pretty sure that they will be adding more and more features with the passage of time to make the experience even better.Do Windows Vista ISO Download

  • A new Start Menu is added in the windows 10 which was missing in the previous version of windows. You will see that the start menu is the mixture of both windows 7 and windows 8 style start menu.
  • There have been made a lot of improvement in the touch user interface. The Continuum is added that has shifted to the touch-friendly user interface. It has made it easy touse the system even if you have detached the keyboard.
  • Into the Desktop, the modern interface has been further incorporated. Now the modern applications will also run like any other desktop application in a full screen or window if you like.
  • In the windows 10, the virtual desktop feature has finally made an appearance. Windows always lacked this amazing feature, but the users of Linux and Mac operating system X had been enjoying this feature from ages. Snow windows 10 users can also create different desktop environments using the same account.
  • In the previous versions of windows, Alt + Tab keys were used as task switchers. But now it canbe used to open up task view where the user can easily switch between the opened applications easily as well as the virtual desktops.
  • To the windows10 OS, Cortana has been more tightly incorporated.
  • The command prompt is also getting keyboard shortcuts!
Windows 10 ISO

What Should The User Know Before Going Ahead ?

Make sure to have the following before downloading the tool:

  • Internet connection
  • Sufficient storage space on the system, USB drive or any other external drive like DVD for downloading.
  • If you are willing to create media the make sure to have a blank DVD or a Blank USB withthe storage space of at least 8 GB.
  • When you are burning a blank DVD from an iso file, you will have to use dual layer DVD media if you are told that the disc image file is way too large.

System Requirements:

Ifyou are willing to install windows 10 on your system then check the following things on your computer:

64/32-Bit Processor:

Youwill be creating 32 or 64-bit version of the windows 10. If you want to check this simply go to systems in the control panel or right click Computer >select properties to know the System Type.

System Requirements:

Make sure the system you are gonna use meets the system requirements for the installation of windows 10. For additional information, you can also visit the manufacturer’s website. Here you can learn about hardware compatibility andupdated drivers.Get Windows Xp ISO Sp3

windows 10 pro ISO

Language In Windows:

When you install windows 10, you will have to select the same language. Go to Region in control panel or time & language in the computer settings to know what language you are currently using.

Edition Of Windows:

You’ll also have to select the same edition of windows. Go to System in the control panel or computer information in system settings and look for Windows Edition to know what edition you are running. In the media creation tool, windows 10 enterprise is not available.

Microsoft Office Products:

Ifyou have just purchased a new device that has Office 365 then before upgrading to Windows 10, we recommend installing Office.

Download The Windows ISO File :

You can free download the Windows 10 ISO file from the link given. The iso links are available for the English language. But if you need the link for some other language, then you can go for downloading the ESD file and then convert it to the ISO file. Downloading the link is not difficult at all. Simply click on the link > choose the path where you want to store it and click OK, and you are done.

Upgrade To Windows 10 Using The ISO File :

The following steps can help you successfully upgrade to Windows 10:

  • Right-click on the Windows 10 ISO file > Open with Windows Explorer.
  • Here you can see the contents in the iso file. Look for Setup and click on it.
  • Once the setup will start, you’ll be asked to download updates now or later. It’s all up toyou, choose whatever option you want.
  • Click Next tostart the downloading of Updates after that the setup will get a few things ready.
  • Then you will be asked to accept the terms that apply so read them and click on Accept to move ahead.
  • Then you will see a message that will make sure that you are ready for the installation.Anything needs your attention will get highlighted.
  • Then you may get the message about media center, language packs or anything else. You can choose any option that is available and click on Next to proceed.
  • Now the setup will make sure that your system has enough space to install the windows.
  • Once you have click on the Install button, the installation process will begin. Duringinstallation, your computer will restart several times.
  • Finally, the windows will start to upgrade.
  • You will see the welcoming screen once the upgrading process is finished.
  • Then a new screen will appear on which you can either r choose to use express settings oryou can also go for customize option.
  • If you have selected Customize option, then you can personalize your typing, speech,connectivity, location settings, and error reporting settings.
  • You will also be informed about the new applications in the windows 10. You can select your default applications here or move ahead.
  • Finally, aftertaking care of a few things, you will find yourself looking at the windows 10 desktop.

How Can You Burn An ISO File Of Windows 10 To USB ?

You can create a windows 10 setup/installation USB if you have downloaded the Windows 10 ISO file from the given link. A lot of people think that burning an iso file to a USB is simply copying, but unfortunately, they are wrong. Burning an iso file to USB is not that simple. Actually, you will need a 3rd party software/tool to do so. The following steps can help you a lot in burning the iso file of Windows 10 to a USB drive using the Rufus software. This software is freely available.

Step#1: First of all download the Rufus software/tool. (You can choose to download any version of the tool.)

Step#2: Now double-click the installed file to open it.

Step#3: Attach the USB drive to your system.

Step#4: The tool you have installed will automatically recognize the inserted USB. You can see the drive name under the Devicesection.

Step#5: Leave all the options as they are in the default state. All you will have to do is just select the iso file. You can do so by ticking create a bootable disk using > click on the DVD icon.

Step#6: After clicking on the DVD icon, navigate to the path where you have stored the downloaded iso file for windows 10 installation.Select the file > click on Open.

Step#7: Now click on the Start button. You will get a warning message which indicates that all the data on the dive will bedestroyed. Click OK to proceed. Now the burning process of Windows 10 will start. If you have some important data saved on the USB drive then first make sure to save it some where else then confirm to start the process.

Step#8: do not unplug the USB from your system and wait patiently to let the burning process go on. The time it will take to burn depends on the iso file size. Usually, with the normal file size, it takes ten minutes.

Step#9: when the status on the tool says done, you can close the program and unplug the USB from your system.

Whenyou are done with the process of burning windows 10 setup to your USB, you willhave a Windows 10 setup/installation USB drive. And this will help you perform three tasks: installation of Windows 10, password reset, or system repair.

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